Best Horror Games Resident Evil Villages

Floridians love Resident Evil and Village is a continuation of the game we all love.

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Resident Evil Village’s House Beneviento is a masterful horror pastiche.

RE: Village is a direct continuation of RE VII: Biohazard as the game continues to follow the story of Ethan Winters. This time we land in a mysterious Romanian village filled with monsters and bloodthirsty creatures trying to find Ethan’s missing daughter Rose.

From the very beginning, you get the feeling of unease, and remembering the constant horror of RE 7, you anxiously expect jump scares. However, the first few hours seem more mystical and creepy than genuinely horrifying.

Then halfway through the game, you enter House Beneviento, which marks a significant change of pace regarding gameplay and storytelling.

In this video, Omid will be going through a masterful section of Resident Evil Village called House Beneviento and all the film and game references it packs.

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