Floridian adventures explore Tiny House Build Location

This South West Floridian resident has many very interesting adventures and this one is no different. This Cabin in the wildress is a Tiny House Build that will soon become an AirBnB Getaway Vacation.

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This is the off the grid property my micro tiny house Airbnb Will be. It is ran solely off of solar power Jackery & a predator 2000 generator. It comes equipped w/queen bed,kitchen w/propane stove, running water, bodega 12 V fridge, fold, outdoor shower & composting toilet.The tiny house is only 70 ft.² Its a DIY solo female project. This Airbnb you can kayak, fish, do yoga,Get massages, campfires.. You can also check out some of my other playlists of my Skoolie build and my floating tiny house.

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