hand held UV Light Sanitizer

Our homes and offices are some of the filthiest places, but having a tool like a handheld UV Light Sanitizer can really help.

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This is a portable UV sterilization lamp. It produces UV-C light with a wavelength of 260-280nm, can destroy the DNA of bacteria and viruses, and has achieved the purpose of killing bacteria and viruses. Especially at the current stage of the pandemic, it is very helpful for people to stay away from the virus and protect their health. It can be used to disinfect masks, door handles, elevator buttons, toilet toilets, mobile phones, keyboards, etc. any need to disinfect Objects, but not the skin and eyes of humans or animals.
It is small and portable, suitable for home disinfection, hotel disinfection, outdoor disinfection. Built-in battery, USB charging is convenient and fast. 180 seconds automatic shutdown, energy-saving, and environmental protection. With child lock protection function to prevent children from accidentally turning on.

 UV Light Cleaning

UV-C Light Disinfection 


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