Woodworking Couple rebuilds Sailboat

Surrounded by water on 3 sides Floridians love the water, and we love sailing. This adventure couple complete loves the open sea and are building a sailboat together (DIY). See the process of them building a sailboat or actually rebuilding it to its Glory. Explore their travel sailing options with them.

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Sail Boating Couple and Their Story
It was a (very) long 5 months but we completed the LAST piece of our external boat refit by installing our new bulwark design, inspired by Lyle Hess Bristol Channel Cutter’s. It was a lot of work, but so worth it in the end.

In this video we share how the bulwarks were installed with custom made bases, how we put a scarf joint in the Cumaru wood, and tied it all together at the end.

The Story “how to build a sailboat”
Adventure Couple repairs a great sail

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